The Right Steam Generator

CLIENT Leisure Baths Ltd.
AGENCY Spin Animation
DATE January 2023
Comparison of comic drawing of a person on a steamed up glass

The shower is often the birth place for ideas, and so it was in this case, evidently… Whiteboards move over, here’s the world’s first “steamwindow” movie!

Leisure Baths is a steam generator manufacturer in the Vancouver area. They were in need of an explainer movie for their sellers and clients who need to know the ins and outs of their products, and thought a whiteboard movie would suit the purpose well.

We suggested to add value by virtually drawing the illustration onto a steamed up glass of a steam shower, and the people from leisure baths promptly approved! They’re cool.

It was then a bit of a challenge to simulate the steamed up window convincingly, yet somewhat economically. We could not afford to do an all-out water simulation where every single droplet is reflecting the surrounding in it, where the lines intersect the droplets, and where the droplets merge to bigger ones and start running down the window. The first approach did not yield the right result: The compositing of the steam texture looked more like frosted glass, and the line work was too fine. But eventually, we found the right solution.

Last but not least, voice talent Lisa blessed the movie with some spunk.

This project brought some great experiences!

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