CLIENT ANT-Informatik / Creativ Software
AGENCY Marco Zuber
DATE September 2022

It’s a very special project when the client is open to a telling a story in a unique visual style. We developed the plot together with Andreas Schwengeler of Creativ Software and Tobias Wunden of Ant Informatik. – Which proved to be a very fruitful process. The final design for the movie was turned into different style samples, from which they picked an interesting watercolour look. In terms of sound track, they invested in an original composition. – With no regrets, because composer Dan Ross delivered a terrific score, helping the story to play out even more dramatically.

They recognized: An explainer movie is not just a vehicle of information, it can be a memorable experience.

As soon as the path was paved with an animatic, the process was very straightforward and gratifying.

Granted, the subject matter is quite complex for the uninitiated. – And the metaphorical language adds an additional layer. But it will be understood by the  target audience, the decision makers of non-profit organizations. The movie had its premiere at a national industry fair and was well received.

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