Digital Workplace

AGENCY Spin Animation
DATE November 2021

Here’s a compilation: Excerpts from three related explainers in one movie. We focused on the most interesting parts and edited out any names and logos.

The client (who prefers to remain anonymous) commissioned three explainer movies to introduce their new digital tools to their employees. The tools would enable them to be connected at all times, and the employees were asked to figure them out themselves following the resources on the intranet.

Developing the script, we found these aspects were a fine line to navigate. They can have negative connotations. It was necessary to focus on the independence and empowerment of the employees instead. We used allegories, schematics, real life examples and text to do that.

The total runtime of the three movies is close to 6 minutes, and the production was done in German, French and Italian. But with an efficient visual language a simple animation style we managed stay within a slim budget!

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