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Spread the Word!


Do you like us? Please refer us. When your referral results in a job with a new client, we will give you cash!

– So what’s to do?

Step 1: Rave about Spin Animation to anyone you meet.
Step 2: Repeat step 1.

When a new client hires us, we ask them who may have referred them (you, of course). Upon completion of their first commission, you will receive a 10% share. This can result in a juicy 2-, 3-, even 4-digit amount. You may also refer your own company!

Animation of a stack of bills getting wrenched, juice squirting
Small Print
  • Any individual, organisation or legal entity without previous business relations with Spin Animation can constitute a new client. Members of Communo are exempt.
  • Spin Animation will inquire about a referral to the new client, but it’s up to the new client alone to appoint a referrer.
  • Only 1 individual can be responsible for the referral of 1 new client.
  • Payment to the referrer will occur within 2 months after Spin Animation has been fully paid for the commissioned work by the new client. Spin Animation will contact the referrer early enough about the way of payment to ensure the timely delivery thereof.