Year in Review

CLIENT Mobiliar
AGENCY Jung von Matt / Limmat
DATE December 2021

The client had the idea to deliver their season’s greetings with a “year in review”-movie. It should be based on twelve “sketch of the accident”-animations, one for each month. Unfortunately, the time frame and budget did not allow for this concept. It was also unclear how this movie was supposed to conclude: Where are we leading the viewer?

Our suggestion was as follows: to pack the scenarios into a monthly calendar with still image slides. This was a feasible solution and still very effective. Also, create a “meta”-reveal at the end where an animated character is looking at the calendar with the cartoons. – Including full animation and a POV shot (the use of perspective and POV shots had just been established as a new concept in the previous campaign). This ending was satisfying because it related to the beginning, brought a surprise, and was visually evolved from the animation that preceded it. For these reasons, our concept was well received.

The agency presented the movie online, and sent out a mailing with a QR code to access it.

DOOH and Online version of the meta-story was pulled from the main movie for further distribution. The entire production was released in German, French and Italian.

Print card of Mobiliar Schadenskizze

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