Shark Fin

CLIENT Mobiliar
AGENCY Jung von Matt
DATE June 2024

The “Sketch of the Accident” commercial concept of the Mobiliar has been running since 1998 – an outstanding accomplishment! We’ve been fortunate to create these animations since 2013, and are now working with Mobiliar directly.

From Print…

There have always been numerous print ads and posters, produced by the agency.

In this specific case, they created a lenticular poster shifting between two states as the viewers pass, which is simulated here.

gif animation: a simulation of a lenticular poster with 2 states

… to DOOH and SoMe…

In the age of social media and digital-out-of-home screens, demand for content has increased, made possible by cutting costs without the animation of characters and sound production. –  Animated illustrations if you will.

Based on our suggestions, we added more poses for the animated illustration.

… and Fin-ally, a Television Commercial

We suggested to Mobiliar that the story would benefit from full animation. We’re not sure how much influence our opinion had, but we’re glad that they decided to create a fully animated TV commercial. Watch the movie at the top!

We only had 7 seconds of screen time to work with, but felt that there was potential to expand the story.

It’s a part of the insurance policy that an item cannot be lost but must be available for a damage claim. Therefore, it seemed important to have the character retrieve the phone and show that it is damaged. – An aspect that had been absent so far.

How can we make this funny? How would the guy react? How would the boy react to seeing that…?

These are the moments where the characters shine through, creating a true connection with the viewer. – We conveyed important information while having fun.

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