Blue Peace

CLIENT Swiss Foreign Ministry
AGENCY Bellprat Partner
DATE March 2022

In the Swiss Pavilion at the Dubai Expo: An animated aerial view of a changing river landscape. Nature gets diminished by civilization. Pollution, climate disaster and conflict ensues. Finally, mediation and harmony. All observed from the position of a “riverbed”.

Turning water from a source of conflict into an instrument for peace and prosperity.

Designed by Bellprat Partner and produced by Visualscience. Background illustration by Bunterhund. We were in charge of all hand drawn animation. An honour to have the opportunity of this collaboration!

Here are a few isolated animations and a little compilation. The animation style needed to be very simple and concise in order to fit the budget and application. In part, that meant working with a low frame rate in order to save on inbetween drawings.

Nevertheless, a lot of fun, an animator’s dim sum!

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