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25 Year Anniversary

CLIENT Mobiliar
AGENCY Jung von Matt
DATE June 2023
Avatar creation tool

The “Sketch of the Accident” commercial concept of the Mobiliar has been running since 1998! As part of the 25 year anniversary in 2023, people everywhere in Switzerland could get involved by creating their avatars in the Mobiliar-style, to be placed in future “Sketches of the Accident”.

To draw traffic to the microsite, a YouTube commercial and social media ads were needed. The idea was that a live action person gets invited through a screen into the Mobiliar world to symbolize the creation of an avatar.

Just exactly what is going to happen in that accident-ridden world was not part of the script. We felt that previously established characters and accidents would make a lot of sense in the light of an anniversary. The challenge was to find a solution that worked in the massive time constraints, and that would also give the main character plenty of agency. After a few fruitful brainstorming sessions with art director Cedric Fuchs we arrived at the final plot.

Boom was in charge of the live action part, the compositing and the design of the transition into the animation. Vincenz Neuhaus did some amazing stuff there!

In addition to this concept, the social media ads and online banners featured the animated character breaking the screen and inviting the users themselves into their world.

Sketch of the accident advertisement

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