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It's Getting Real

25 year anniversary for the Mobiliar campaign!


Technology Re-Imagined

Swiss developers team up for non-profit organizations


A Steamy Movie

Explainer movie for Leisure Baths Ltd.


Check this out

Fun IT-explainer movies for the City of Winterthur


Picturing Your Professional Path

New explainer movies for Career Services Bern


Immersive Experience

Animating the Blue Peace installation in the Swiss Pavilion at the Dubai Expo


Flexibility is Key

Explainer movie series for new office tools


The Obvious Choice

Campaign for caregiver education in the Bernese Oberland


Wish Granted

Metrohm explainer movie featuring
Erla Meyer the genie


On the Path to Success

A quick explainer movie outlining the new way of the BVD


Fun Barrel

James Bond makes an appearance at the Allianz drive-in cinema


Why Spin Animation?


Our main focus is to fully comprehend your message as well as your target audience. This allows us to create a powerful and unforgettable delivery of your message that will effectively reach and captivate your intended recipients.


It’s so captivating to hear a well-told story! But how do you ensure that your movie has quality storytelling, certain to engage your audience? – A solid script, smart storyboarding, charming animation, expert pacing and a driving sound track. – We have all the tools for the job, sharpened by decades of experience.


If you are one of our many clients based in Switzerland, there is a 9-hour time difference. To address this, we have set up a convenient day-by-day workflow. You can expect to receive your results by 9:00 CET each morning, saving you from the hassle of waiting for deliveries.


We have established genuine connections with professionals who specialize in diverse creative solutions. As dedicated experts in their respective fields, they have a proven history of success. Our team has the ability to scale and combine our resources efficiently, making us a powerful and cost-effective choice.


It's been a pleasure.


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We don’t use set prices, we offer options.

Fill out the form and we’ll come up with a perfect solution that will fit your budget. There’s absolutely no strings attached. Request your free quote today.

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    How, where, who?

    Our Values, Our Mission and Goal

    We take great pride in our commitment to quality and attention to detail while also embracing the beauty of imperfection. We are strong believers in the charm and character of motion. After all, to animate means “to infuse with a soul”.

    The art of animation combines elements from a host of disciplines: Psychology, anatomy, physics, just to name a few. It is ever so versatile and powerful in its expression. For instance, it also lends itself to humour, which we love.

    Our passion lies in harnessing this immense potential of animation to create unforgettable experiences, engage your audience and strike a strong connection between them and you.

    Our Method


    Constantly looking for ways of improving the overall audiovisual experience, we offer new perspectives on any given idea as potential options.


    After giving it a good stir, we return to convergent thinking, staying true to the message and follow the directive without getting carried away.


    Responsiveness and timely deliveries are absolute key in the swift-paced advertising industry. We guarantee them.


    We are happy when the client is happy. And we like to be “ecstatically happy” rather than “OK happy”. Therefore, we don’t want to deliver just an “OK product”, but passionately seek to exceed expectations.

    The Studio

    Studio interior

    Animation is an ever-expanding landscape. We keep exploring new techniques and investing in the latest and greatest technologies. And to keep your projects perfectly secure, we are prepared for hardware failure as well as power outages, with UPS power supplies and triple backups located in various places. – Be our guest!

    Simon Piniel

    Spin Animation, that’s Simon Piniel and a vast creative network. Simon is a master of visual storytelling with a special ability to convey information simple and clear, but entertaining nonetheless.

    Simon grew up in Switzerland and graduated in Visual Communications from the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK), specialising in Film and TV. He also studied animation at ECUAD in Vancouver and grasped the opportunity to work on popular TV shows in local cartoon studios as storyboard artist and animator. He finally settled in the Canadian city with his own company, still working mostly for Swiss clients. In addition to the commissions, he also wrote and directed a number of his own shorts. Some earned him numerous prizes (even first!) at festivals worldwide – as well as an award by the BAK, the Swiss Department for Culture. Co-founding is also among his accolades.

    His sources of inspiration include his family, nature, art, and road cycling.

    Portrait Simon Piniel, Animation Artist

    Simon took not only the time to understand our products and specifications completely, but he came up with super creative ways of incorporating our brand and making an otherwise boring subject entertaining.

    Fabiola Ruiz Ortega P.

    Communication Strategist, Leisure Baths Ltd

    Simon's ability to understand quickly and in detail even very specific technical backgrounds is impressive.

    Peter Rüesch

    Head of Human Resources, Road and Traffic Authority, Kanton Zürich

    Simon, the man with profession, commitment and dedication to perfection. He is an inspiration!

    Denny Lu

    Supervising Director, Mainframe Studios

    He is a thoughtful creative director, always coming up with excellent ideas on how to make the project better, right up to the end.

    Mark Nickelsburg

    Director, The Directors Network

    Extreme workhorse. Solid and diverse skill set. Storyboards, animates, and designs really well.

    James Wootton

    Freelance Storyboard Artist, Illumination

    The Network

    Language Proficiency



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    Swiss German





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