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We create your animated TV commercials, digital signage and explainer movies.

We love to entertain and engage the audience with a story.

At Spin Animation, we design and animate fresh originals without the use of stale templates.

From script to screen, with sophistication and spunk!


It's Getting Real

25 year anniversary for the Mobiliar campaign!


Technology Re-Imagined

Swiss developers team up for non-profit organizations


A Steamy Movie

Explainer movie for Leisure Baths Ltd.


Check this out

IT-explainer movies for the City of Winterthur


Picturing Your Professional Path

New explainer movies for Career Services Bern


Immersive Experience

Animating the Blue Peace installation in the Swiss Pavilion at the Dubai Expo


Flexibility is Key

Explainer movie series for new office tools


The Obvious Choice

Campaign for caregiver education in the Bernese Oberland


Wish Granted

Metrohm explainer movie featuring
Erla Meyer the genie


On the Path to Success

A quick explainer movie outlining the new way of the BVD


Fun Barrel

James Bond makes an appearance at the Allianz drive-in cinema


No Dry News

Fresh maintenance updates for apartment residents

23 years of Spin Animation! We’re excited to keep exploring the ever expanding landscape of animation.

Why Spin Animation?


We are located in Metro Vancouver on the West Coast of Canada. If you’re in Central Europe, this means a time difference of +9 hours. Based on this situation we have established an elegant day-by-day workflow: As a rule, you will get results first thing in the morning, no later than 9:00 CET! – There will be no wondering and waiting for deliveries.


Not much has ever been achieved without commitment and dedication. We listen to you and care for your projects.


We don’t just think outside the box, we also know there are multiple boxes, bags, bins, planets, possibly parallel universes. We expand ideas, approach from various angles, ask questions. Once the course is set, we aim to refine all components that make up the experience for maximum impact.


Many of our contacts have been established in real life. Being full time professionals, they are specialists in their respective fields and have a vetted success history, covering a vast field of creative solutions. – Together we bring you the most powerful and cost effective team capabilities!


It's been a pleasure.


So what does it cost?

We don’t use set prices, we offer options!

Please tell us more about what you have in mind, using the form below. We will provide unique solutions that will fit your need and your budget. No strings attached. Order a free quote!

We’re looking forward to your message. You’ll hear back from us within 24 hours.

Colourful illustration of a question mark

    Alternatively, you can also just book a Zoom meeting with us. Don’t be shy!


    How, where, who?


    It is our second nature to always think outside the box and look for ways of improving the product on all levels. If you wish, we’ll provide new angles on any given idea and present them as suggestions.


    After we give it a good stir, we return to convergent thinking, staying true to the message and follow the directive without getting carried away.


    Responsiveness and timely deliveries are absolute key in the fast lived advertising business. That’s understood!


    We are happy when the client is happy. And we like to be “ecstatically happy” rather than “OK happy”. Therefore we don’t want to deliver just an “OK product”, but exceed expectations.

    The Studio

    In the upper regions of Port Moody, far above the last tip of the Burrard Inlet, is where the magic happens. Chips and screens and membranes in the service of art. Under the hood, our studio is backed up against power outage and hardware outage. And of course, we are running secure triple backups in multiple locations at all times. Your projects are safe. Be our guest!

    Studio interior

    Simon Piniel

    Spin Animation, that’s Simon Piniel and a vast creative network. Simon embraces all aspects of animation: Picturing a story. Finding the best way to visualise it. Finally bringing it to the point by refining motion, timing and composition. A speciality of his is to convey information simple and clear, but entertaining nonetheless.

    Simon graduated in Visual Communications at the HGK Zurich in 2000, specialising in Film and TV. Loving Vancouver, he pursued animation studies at ECUAD. Later, he came to work on popular TV shows in local cartoon studios as storyboard artist and animator. After a few years, he finally settled in the Canadian city with his own company. To this day, he’s working mostly for Swiss clients. He has also written and directed a number of shorts. Some have won him a number of prizes (even first!) at festivals worldwide – as well as an award by the BAK, the Swiss Department for Culture. Co-founding is also among his accolades.

    His inspiration lies within his wife and kids, art and the active outdoors.

    Portrait Simon Piniel, Animation Artist

    He is a thoughtful creative director, always coming up with excellent ideas on how to make the project better, right up to the end.

    Mark Nickelsburg, Director at The Directors Network

    Simon, the man with profession, commitment and dedication to perfection. He is an inspiration!

    Denny Lu, Supervising Director at Mainframe Studios

    Extreme workhorse. Solid and diverse skill set. Storyboards, animates, and designs really well.

    James Wootton, Freelance Storyboard Artist at Illumination

    The Network

    Language Proficiency





    Swiss German




    Italian / Spanish (what's the difference?)





    It's a fine day to say hello!

    +1-604-360-5666 (Canada)
    +41-44-586-5659 (Switzerland)
    10 Hickory Drive
    Port Moody BC
    V3H 5L9 Canada

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