How do we do what we’re doing? We’re using pens and computers, sometimes cameras.
No, really – How?


It is our second nature to always think outside the box and look for ways of improving the product on all levels. We’ll provide new angles on any given idea and present them as suggestions.


Staying true to the message and follow the directive without getting carried away.


Responsiveness and timely deliveries are absolute key in the fast lived advertising business, that goes without thinking.


We are happy when the client is happy. And we like to be “ecstatically happy” rather than “OK happy”. Therefore we don’t want to deliver just an “OK product”, but exceed expectations.

Spin Animation, that’s Simon Piniel and his creative network. Our passion is producing images and animations of all kinds, and we have been doing so professionally for the last 15 years. We cater to advertising agencies as well as production- and postproduction companies, and the direct client contact is just as welcome.

Simon embraces all aspects of animation: Picturing a story, analyzing how to technically visualize an idea, and bringing it to the point by refining motion, timing and composition. A speciality of his is to convey information simple and clear, but entertaining nonetheless.

He graduated in Visual Communications at the HGK Zurich in 2000, specializing in Film and TV. Loving Vancouver, he pursued animation studies at ECUAD, later came to work on popular TV shows in local cartoon studios, and finally settled there with his own company. He has also written and directed a number of shorts. Some have won him a number of prizes (even first!) at festivals worldwide as well as an award by the BAK, the Swiss Department for Culture.

His inspiration lies within his wife and kids, art and the active outdoors.

He is a thoughtful creative director, always coming up with excellent ideas on how to make the project better, right up to the end.

Mark Nickelsburg, Director at Special Team Films

Simon, the man with profession, commitment and dedication to perfection. He is an inspiration!

Denny Lu, Director at DHX Media

Extreme workhorse. Solid and diverse skill set. Storyboards, animates, and designs really well.

James Wootton, Unit Director at Bardel Entertainment